Our journey through the project started with the first Learning Activity in October 2017 in the Ludwig-Windthorst-Haus, Lingen, Germany. After an official welcome by the director of the house, Dr. Michael Reitemeyer; Petra Lübbers from the Department of Education, Landkreis Emsland and Heinz Tellmann, First Mayor of the City of Lingen, we discussed the essential contents and structure of the project: What input do we need about digital learning? Who of the partners could provide this input? How should the results of the project be recorded and made accessible to others? When, where and with what focus will the next Learning Activities take place? … In other words: everything that needs to be defined at the beginning of an Erasmus+ project.

The status quo and needs were filtered out with the help of a future workshop. We quickly agreed that the use of digital methods alone would not make teaching better for the students. Rather, the philosophy of teaching and learning needs to be changed (link to Why Digi). In addition, everyone agreed that what we learn during the project should be made available to others. On this homepage you will find various methods that are available to you as OER free of charge (link to How Digi).

We also received a first input on different methods of collaborative learning using digital tools from the two experts Marc Seegers and Marc-Albrecht Hermanns (link to padlet).

At the end of the first week we visited the Clara-Schuman-Gymnasium in Dülken to observe the lessons and to take inspiration for our own lessons.

Of course, we also had a cultural program: Together we explored the surroundings of Lingen and made a tour to the Netherlands.