DiGiTeachEUrope – Exchange of good practices of effective teaching and learning with digital media in Europe is a project supported through Erasmus+.

This Partnership supports the development of new ways of learning and teaching in Europe by using e-learning tools and online collaborative platforms where pupils and teachers aree able to learn how to teach more effectively with digital media. The Partnership is composed of several schools and a strong consortial partner with experience in teacher training. Together partners will develop an Info Kit (HowgoDigi) that schools will use to teach and learn specific disciplines at different levels with digital media.

The main goal of this initiative is to stimulate new and effective ways of learning and teaching with digital media through exchange of good practice and improving a Wiki/InfoKit by supporting synergies.

Digital learning is neither better nor worse than traditional learning, but without being connected to theories of learning it lacks content and is not generally more effective than conventional approaches to learning.

Due to that our shared aim is to develop open and digital forms of learning on the basis of learning theories such as the concept of cooperative learning and ideas of constructivist learning theory. This is to make effective learning in digital contexts possible … diversity in classrooms.

The project aims at improving teaching skills and professional development of teachers systematically when it comes to effective teaching and learning. In this context the use of digital tools should improve the quality of lessons in Europe. The aims are:

  • supporting teachers in adopting collaborative and innovative practices
  • implementation of  innovative practices in the field of digitalization
  • helping learning teachers to acquire digital skills and learning methods
  • support teachers’ professional development through interchange of good practice
  • creating new and scaling up existing platforms for teachers’ communities of practice to establish collaborative peer-based teaching practices across the EU

More specifically speaking, the project is about the development of a Info Kit containing videos, links or edutags etc. that acts as an Open Educational Resource. This platform should support teachers in Europe to teach effectively and activate their students when it comes to communicative skills, creativity and critical thinking – basically preconditions for studying and working in Europe. At the same time students will become more competent in the digital field.