Name Ludwig-Windthorst-Haus
Address Gerhard-Kues-Str. 16, 49808 Lingen, Germany
School Authorities
Founded 1963
Director Dr. Michael Reitemeyer
Specifics/key aspects  The Ludwig-Windthorst-Haus (LWH) is the Catholic Social Academy and education centre of the diocese of Osnabrück in Lingen/Holthausen (Ems), focusing on theological, educational, political, cultural and health issues. As a home folk high school the house is characterised by its daily seminar enterprise with overnight accomodation and food supply. In its work, the LWH is guided by the principles of Catholic social teaching and the life example of the patron Ludwig Windthorst. The house sees itself as an interreligious and interdisciplinary meeting place under Catholic sponsorship.

Name of the school Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium Dülken, Germany

Name of the school Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych w Sierakowicach
Address Dworcowa 3, 83-340 Sierakowice, Poland
School Authorities Powiat Kartuski
Founded 1961
School directors during the project Grzegorz Machola
Students 425
Teachers 37
Languages Polish, English, German
Specifics/key aspects Partner and coordinator of many EU projects (students’ exchange and vocational training) Recepient of “Deutsch Hat Klasse” national Goethe Institut competition 1st place award.  
Name of the school Privatna jezična gimnazija Pitagora
Address Držićeva 8, 21000 Split, Croatia
School Authorities private
Founded 1997
School directors during the project Perica Barbaroša
Students 60
Teachers 20 (not all full-time)
Languages Croatian, English, German, Italian, Spanish
Specifics/key aspects Private gymnasium with experience in Erasmus projects, Cambridge exams centre for Croatia Bilingual education in History Accredited for IT technician secondary education
Name of the school High School Dobri Daskalov
Address Mito Hadzi Vasilev n.68,  1430 Kavadarci, R. of N. Macedonia
School Authorities Minicipality of Kavadarci
Founded 1945
School directors during the project Nevenka Pop-Angelova
Students 676
Teachers 54
Languages English, German, French and Latin
Specifics/key aspects Gymnasium education with 5 classes per year (Areas: Social, Science and Language and Art) and Vocational education with 2 classes per year (Profiles: Economic and Law technician)